“When I am with you,there’s no place I’d rather be”

-Rather Be, by Clean Bandit


3 cm short, or 差三公分想爱你, is amazing. Sadly, I doubt there are any copies online to re-watch it. The only option may be tonton.com.my.

Inspired, I am considering whether I have a future in production. TV production. Yes? No? Maybe?

Today’s episode was pretty touching. To hear someone you once loved, and still do, confess that he has found the one, then to give him up, in order for him to be happy, must be truly devastating. But isn’t awkward to later spend the night at a carnival with him? Like, he broke your heart, yet you’re trying to distract yourself from your sadness with his company.

Anyway, I feel like dedicating tonight’s post to everyone out there who has a missed their chance, be it in their love life, or studies, or life in general. Don’t give up! Life has a way of closing one door and opening another.


quite a sentimental writer

PS: I accidentally restarted my Dota2 installation because I didn’t know it can’t resume after restarting Windows. sigh…


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