While I was asleep

Spots a snack shop on the train platform

“Hey, you wanna buy anything?”

“You help me buy ah?”

“Yeah, okay can”

“One currypuff then”

Withdraws sufficient change from his wallet for a currypuff the hands it to me.

Walks out to join the queue, where the train door immediately closes behind me. What was I thinking?

(in my head) “OH SHIT!”

Sprints out of the train station, wanting to reach the next one to be able to board the same train. 

-Memory goes fuzzy here, not much to remember about an uneventful sprint perhaps-

Soon spots the next station, and runs up the stairs. Sees two familiar faces by the platform.

“Did the train come yet?”

“Uh, yeah. Eh? No no no.”

Giving benefit of the doubt to this ambivalent response, I turn and look for the train myself. Relief floods my heart when I see one arriving.

Runs up the stairs to reach the entry, only to be blocked by guards for jumping the barrier (and not paying)

-Conversation is slightly fuzzy here-

In the end, a female guard escorts me into the train to where my friend and my bag was.

“Is this your bag?”


And she walks off.

While I was asleep.

While I was asleep

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