Well, life is so miserable right now that I wanted to post a rant that all teenagers would have done at one point of their life or another. But no, I shall try to channel the goodness in my heart so here goes, rant-free post begins:

My hair is getting pretty long and starting to get oily or itchy easily. But that simply makes showers so much more refreshing!

I recently installed an app on my phone, Music Maker Jam, and it is incredible. It creates legit music and is really really simple to understand. Now I begin to question if I shouldn’t have just gone for a music course diploma instead of taking A levels. Or maybe take up journalism, or writing, or design.

They say philosophers question their existence. I’m beginning to question my purpose.

Quoting our reverent principal,

Where your talents, interests, and values overlap, there’s where your purpose lies.

-Lee Seng Hai

(that is a cool blockquote hehe)

ANYWAY, after thinking about it for some time, my talent and interests, almost do not overlap. And I have no values. Unless you count always putting myself first as a value.

And then I think about all the words of wisdom and famous sayings and phrases that often pass off as advice. Forgive and forget, they said. Forgive someone for committing a sin, or for lying, for cheating, for being dishonest. But trust is a canvas, and once stained, will never be the same again.

Maybe this is fate teaching me a lesson. (I don’t believe in fate by the way, not really) But fate may be telling me that honesty is a virtue that I should practice more frequently. Sorry for not being a believer, but I trust in empirical facts, and results, and hard data, which has proven to me that I got where I am today by being who I am just fine.

So it’s really up to me whether I want to practice honesty or not.

Maybe you can help me decide, so let me paint you a larger picture. So, you have two options. You can be honest and truthful… or you can choose to lie and deceive. The former gets you into trouble… almost every single time. The latter promises you a relatively far more enjoyable life where you achieve your goals. Which would you choose?

Okay, the decision above is too easy, isn’t it? Maybe I’m not being objective. Well, this is still a public domain so I can’t be pouring out every single detail here in white and black. Friends, you have my contact details.

Anyway, I’m tired and sleepy and it’s only my 11th hour awake. I’m terrible lethargic today. But I shall not give in to fatigue! I shall continue to remain awake, and to watch my favorite TV series deep into the night, which I’m certain is an activity that almost all teenagers have done as well, sooner or later.


PS If you enjoy gossip girl, vamp diaries, awkward, or faking it, pm me 🙂


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