Unapologetically Emotional

#ntv7localdrama 差三公分想爱你, or 3 cm short, ended yesterday. So in a way, my blog post is late, but nevertheless, it was a good ending to a good show. I felt like it incorporated more than a few wisdoms, including letting a loved one go to see them happier.

Few tears of sadness were shed, when it seemed like the male lead has perished in a bus accident. Coincidentally, (there’s actually no such thing as coincidence in stories, it’s merely an easy way out) the male lead missed the bus due to a wise decision to prevent bladder issues during the ride.

I was unapologetically touched twice during the finale. Once, when the male lead finally decides to confess with a box of an astounding THREE HUNDRED AND ONE origami hearts (signifies the number of days he had known her), along with a letter. Unfortunately, with inexplicably uncanny timing, he was beaten to the chase, by her ex apologizing his deepest regrets to her and a plea for them to get back together. It was a terribly sad moment.

But don’t worry, because later on, there was a terribly happy moment! Where the female lead pumps the gas to rush to the scene where the bus crashed, just to pass by the male in a taxi. They meet at the lobby of the apartment where they live, and she slips on the marble floor. In an attempt to catch her, his box of hearts explodes, raining origami hearts around them (romantic isn’t it?) And the female lead forces an awkward confession from the man in an entertaining comedic relief to culminate the series.

I’m just such a sucker for romantic, (cliched? not really) endings.

Unapologetically Emotional

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