An Insomniac Night of Creative Productivity(1st Part of Harvey)

Harvey could not feel any less bothered about the first day of high school. It would definitely not be any different from the six years of primary education that he had no regrets leaving behind. He would not miss any of his dumb friends who often had no idea what was going on during class; he was the only one paying attention to the teacher every time. No more them pestering Harvey for help with homework. No more weird stares. This was exactly what Harvey needed. A fresh start.

“Uh… is it okay if I send you to school on your first day, honey?” Harvey’s mother hazarded an offer.

To her, she felt that her child was growing up frighteningly quick, and was becoming independent in every way imaginable. She knew it would not be long before he would completely stop relying on her. Harvey’s dad left them a long time ago, which spurred a change in Harvey. Harvey and his dad were more than just close; they were both so intelligent, and worldly, and chatted to each other about a huge variety of topics, ranging from the sublime to the bizarre. She often found herself unable to understand or follow their conversations, being a woman from a poor educational background, thus never interfered, indirectly failing to fulfill her maternal duty to Harvey.

It was their close and seemingly unbreakable bond that brought such a shock to Harvey when his dad left, that it left him utterly devastated. That was the turning point in his life, where Harvey promised himself, never to rely on anyone else other than himself ever again.

He abided this self-imposed rule like a law, flouting it only when he had questions to ask his teachers. Even then, it seemed like there was nothing that Harvey could not learn from the almighty internet. This inadvertently isolated Harvey, as he kept to himself and only himself for most of the time, and he slowly grew distant from everyone else, including his own mother.

Harvey’s mom shed a tear as she looked at her little boy, no, at her fully grown son, a man, although he was a mere sixteen years of age. She hastily wiped the tear away, afraid of the effect it may have on Harvey. Fortunately, he did not notice and instead, caught his mother by surprise with his answer.

“Yes, of course, I would love a ride on my first day,” Harvey replied politely and smiled.

So what do you think of it? The name is inspired by the cocky know-it-all with impeccably immaculate hair from Suits, can you guess who?

Have not yet thought of a name for the school, or the mother, or the father yet. Suggestions are welcome 🙂

An Insomniac Night of Creative Productivity(1st Part of Harvey)

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