“I wish that I could be like the cool kids, cause
all the cool kids, they seem to fit in


My new computer is awful. It lags so horribly and unpredictably.

Anyway, I have been planning out an outline for an excerpt where Harvey meets his love interest. For now, I intend her to be someone highly intelligent, and smarter than Harvey, though not as hardworking. She is gonna be one of those class geeks that are both smart and sexy, and is naturally smart without having to work hard for it.

And at one point, Harvey is going to be extremely jealous and irritated by her, because he will think that she takes her ‘gift’ for granted, resulting in a confrontation. And on the other hand, she will be irritated by him as well, viewing him as a pest who just gets in the way of her studying. Paradoxically, she likes to bury herself in her studies, contrary to what Harvey thinks of her. Thus, Harvey would be more than just a thorn in her side due to this. She will also have a best friend, who may or may not ship her and Harvey together.

Eventually, they will realize they have more things in common than they thought and… well, let the drama ensue!


a writer(hopeful?) who is badly managing his time


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