Hardest Decision Ever

It’s so much pressure to ask someone to decide what they want to invest a hundred thousand dollars in. It can be any area of expertise that they wish, and at any location. But wouldn’t you want to pick the perfect field, that leads to the perfect career? Everyone wants the perfect job. That’s one reason why it’s the hardest decision ever.

It’s also painful because of who I am. I feel that I am overly-adventurous. I want to try everything I can possibly try. Being multi-talented is indeed a unique talent. However, this dilutes the focus, and you might end up being a jack of all trades. I want to try so many different courses. I once thought about psychology, then settled for engineering, but that was before I became intrigued with computer science, moments before I was interested in law, which I later discovered the appeal of accounting…

But this is not an ice cream shop. There are no testers before you finally decide that the Mango Tango would delight your tastebuds the most. You have one chance, to get it right. One chance, to pay a hundred thousand to buy the perfect ice cream, out of a thousand choices.

Which ice cream would you pick?



Hardest Decision Ever

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