Another Product of Insomnia (3rd part of Harvey)

Couldn’t sleep. So here you go.

“Time’s up! Everybody stop writing, pens down now!” Mr Wick announced as he stood up from his seat and stopped using what apparently seemed like a knitting kit. He went round the class and collected the papers. Harvey put his pen down, and felt proud of what he had managed to do. A thousand was a ridiculous amount of questions to do in an hour, and Harvey only managed seventy-seven. Nevertheless, he was feeling bigheaded for being able to solve that many questions.

Mr Wick then dismissed the class, boasting that he will be able to finish marking later that day, and ordered them to assemble after their last period.

Literature was after Mathematics and Harvey paid barely any attention to the teacher. A young Ms Weebo was trying her hardest to make an ancient poet from the warring times sound interesting.

And she was failing miserably, thought Harvey.

Harvey thought about the pop quiz he just had and began to daydream. He enjoyed the pop quiz and imagined himself being the one with the best score. Then Mr Wick would pay special attention to Harvey, the star pupil, the top of the class, the…

“Harvey Tan! Something on your mind that you wish to tell the class?” Harvey was shook out of his reverie, and poor Ms Weebo was furious.

Harvey felt indignant as well but keeping his cool, he calmly replied, “No, Ms Weebo.”

Her name rolled off his tongue awkwardly. What kind of a name is Weebo anyway? Harvey wondered where she was from. Perhaps from some less known indigenous tribe? Or she could be Chinese… or from some other part of Asia…

Ms Weebo glanced at Harvey. It seemed like he was one of the ‘dreamers’. Oh well, she would have to have a word with him afterwards.

The bell rung, and the kids grabbed their bags to rush off. Literature was boring, plus it was a break, and the kids were more than anxious to do whatever it is that kids do.

“Harvey Tan. Stay back please,” Ms Weebo announced. The other kids sniggered. Harvey was unabashed.

“Yes, Ms Weebo?” Harvey can tell from her tone, there was going to be trouble. Shit, he thought, I don’t want to get into trouble on the first day!

“Can you tell me what’s on your mind, Harvey?” Ms Weebo calmly asked.

“Umm….” Harvey could not reply as he did not want to share his self-conceited thoughts with anyone, particularly not a teacher. So he played dumb instead. “Oh nothing, I just feel so intimidated by this school. It’s so big!” He replied stupidly.

“Well, there’s no need to be intimidated, Harvey. You seem to be coping well,” Ms Weebo replied with a wink in her eye. Besides being unorthodox, Mr Wick was also famous for his ingenious system of marking, and has already informed Ms Weebo that Harvey was exceptional at Mathematics.

Harvey was confused. What on earth was she talking about? But at the same time, he felt relief from her sudden change of tone. Maybe this teacher isn’t so bad after all, he thought.

“Ah, I hope so too, Ms Weebo” Harvey replied.

“Just make sure to pay attention next time, Harvey,” Ms Weebo reminded, “Okay, you may go.”

Harvey thanked the teacher then grabbed his sling bag and headed out, hoping there was still an empty table in the canteen somewhere.

After reading several fiction blogs, I realize I may have to change my style. It’s slightly long-winded with the chunky paragraphs I think. I hope I can shorten it to make it less dry. Hope you enjoy!



PS: I think I should find myself a snack

Another Product of Insomnia (3rd part of Harvey)

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