A Chronicle at the Airport

Cyrus and Ralph were in an airport and heading towards their gate.

And the distance they had to walk is ridiculously far.

Then, a travellator came into their view.

Cyrus was overjoyed but Ralph just thought, “Oh it’s a flat escalator.”

Ralph moved to avoid it but bumped into Cyrus instead.

“What’s wrong, Ralph? Dude, let’s get on this thingy!”

“What! No! Can’t you see it’s horribly slow!?”

As they were arguing, Ralph and Cyrus walked onto the travellator anyway.

A passing businessman looked at the two and chose to avoid the travellator.

Indeed, his walking pace was faster than the travellator.

The businessman took one last glance back at Cyrus and Ralph and scoffed, then walked off.

A Chronicle at the Airport

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