In a Dilemma

Cyrus comes along too early, as usual, to the four friends’ gathering place.

He then sits down and takes advantage of the store’s free internet.

He googles the latest thing troubling his mind, that is:

“Which school in Singapore has the best business course?”

Then Ralph arrives, and provides his opinion,

“Well, NTU’s course duration is one year shorter than the other two”

Ralph has big plans to start working early and let his savings snowball from there, you see.

Then Ingrid comes, and sits down in a huff,

“Of course NUS is the best! It’s the most well known after all,” she says simply.

Finally Aleef arrives, always the one to arrive fashionably late.

“SMU graduates have the highest starting salary though. They earn, like, two hundred more? So every year they earn ‘one-point-two k’ more, which is a lot if you ask me,” offers Aleef, whose mind is always thinking about money.

Cyrus looks up and comments, “Well, any school in Singapore is a great school, isn’t it? I should be glad to enter any one of them.”

I personified my dilemma into the four characters, the dilemma of which school to choose.

I’m thinking of pursuing accountancy, you see. And each school has their pros and cons.

Any graduates out there, preferably from Singapore, and preferably from business, who can help me out?



In a Dilemma

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