Narrating this afternoon, in third person

He sat down on his bed, with his college yearbook.

Childishly, he opened it with the intention of counting the number of times he can find himself in the book.

Then as he scanned each page, and skimmed through the contents, he discovered that the college had really offered a great opportunity for learning and to explore. He just didn’t realize it then.

There was the drama competition that he never went. The event he never organized. The science expedition to Vietnam that he never signed up for. The outdoor trips he never participated in.

And now, he wished that he had the courage to go for it.

But he can never face his pride. Things that happened were never his fault.

He blamed the motivating friend that he never had. He blamed the permission that his parents never gave him. He blamed the outrageous costs of signing up for said events. He blamed the company he thought he would hate but he never truly experienced.

This man, I know him pretty well. There’s a large chance he won’t change. But I wish he would. But wishing isn’t enough. How can I help him to change?

Narrating this afternoon, in third person

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