On my own, but not quite alone

There I was, watching a recorded replay of a game, after lunch.

To be specific, after lunch is precisely one o’ clock.

I had just read several posts from a fellow blogger, Dante, that very morning. (look at me, doing charity. When I say charity, I mean free advertising)

Reading through his various short stories and narrative poems, had an effect on me.

I think it is what they name Inspiration.

So Inspiration talked to me, and said, “You can be as great as him, maybe greater.”

and I told Inspiration,” I believe that as well! I shall get to writing now.”

But the recorded game had ten more minutes to run.

I claim to be a ‘completionist’. What is that? A person who has to complete whatever one is currently doing. Like reading a book or watching a video for example. I also knew that if I stopped watching the replay, I would never revisit it. So I had to tell my buddy, Inspiration, to hold on.

So Inspiration and I finished the replay together, chatting throughout, discussing what I should next write about. A short story? An anecdote? Or a life lesson compressed into a post?

Then the replay finally ended. The team I supported had lost.

Shrugging it off, I clicked on the bookmark that would take me to WordPress.com

That wretched bookmark brought me to the Stats page.

And Inspiration and I noticed something new. I had new visitors from an interesting country.

Then Inspiration did something that was not altogether unexpected. Inspiration transformed into Curiosity. And Curiosity went on to investigate.

Who could this person from this interesting country be?

But Curiosity was short-lived. He had ADHD, see?

So Curiosity wandered off to clicking the first interesting link on that page instead. And then the first link on the next page. And the next. I never got to know who that interesting person was.

After a good two hours, Curiosity was exhausted. So a good long nap was in order, or at least that’s what Curiosity thought. I was appalled!

“Curiosity, you’re supposed to help me find something to write about, not go surfing the internet on your own!”

But it was too late, Curiosity has dozed off.

And so it was minutes before dinner that Curiosity had woken up again.

To be precise, minutes before dinner means five forty-five exactly.

And I knew that Curiosity was going to wander off again to a random nearby garden to find out how kittens reacted to tickling or something.

So I force fed Curiosity a home-made concoction, forcing on a new persona, and it is with that persona that I managed to type this story.

And so, here we are now.

Til next time,

mr lonely who creates friends with uncreative names.

On my own, but not quite alone

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