This actually happened to me

Back when Cyrus and Tyler were still young, they played tag everyday.

They played in on the streets, and often got bleeding knees whenever they fell.

They played in the house, and had to face to dreadful music before they even began.

They played in the malls, where it was too crowded to actually have any fun at all.

Then they played in school, where their game would be shared by all the other schoolchildren and it would turn into chaotic fun. They loved to play tag in school.

They had special rules, that Tyler invented. He was so proud of it.

He invented Ice and Fire. Where Ice could freeze anyone he touches, meaning they must stand at the spot they were caught until rekindled by another Fire. Ice has to freeze everyone to win.

Then he invented Virus, where Virus starts alone, and infects anyone he touches. The aim was to infect everyone.

But Cyrus never invented anything. He was never really very good at tag. His legs were skinny and did not have much strength in them.

So one day, in school, at the third and topmost storey, he was racing past a corridor that overlooked the rest of the school. Being chased was thrilling, but nevertheless, he was relieved when his chaser gave up.

He leant against the wall and slumped over a red, metal object by his side. He looked down at the rest of the school. He could see frozen Fires, and he could see Ice running to and fro to ensure they weren’t rekindled. He could see Fires plotting their rescue plan, huddled as a group.

The red metal object was uncomfortable to lean on, so he pulled away. And as he did, he dislodged something from it. A pin. Then white ash came flowing out from an opening.

Then he recognized it. It was a fire extinguisher. He knew how to use it. He watched movies. People used it when there were fires. Fires. And then he sniggered.

He picked it up, and pretended to be a fireman spraying white on the ‘Fire’. But his fun was short-lived by the sudden Ice appearing at the end of the corridor.

Cyrus, who never had good reaction nor instincts, pointed the fire extinguisher at Ice and he SQUEEZED THE TRIGGER.

It was snow in that humble school of his. Snow in Malaysia.

He squeezed and let go. And he squeezed again. He sprayed it over the railing and emptied the contents.

That was a game of tag he would never forget. Nor would the teachers and guards when they showed up baffled the next morning to confront a powdery white school courtyard.

This actually happened to me

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