Gregor (Harvey Part 4)

As Harvey queued for his food a rather tall and hunky-looking boy walked up directly beside him, just as Harvey reached the front of the queue.

“I’m in a rush, you don’t mind do you?” He was staring, literally looking down at Harvey.

Harvey was six feet tall, and he was not used to being looked down at, but he knew he was miniscule compared to the brute of a man standing beside him, and thus decided to remain quiet.

A humble ‘hmmph’ was all Harvey said in reply.

But the brute did not seem to bother even waiting for his reply, for he then turned directly to the store keeper and listed out his order.

“Imbecile,” Harvey silently thought.

Shortly, the brute took his food and left, leaving Harvey to glare at his enormous back.


Harvey stayed true to his loner nature during recess, and ate alone.

The food was terribly dry, however, and Harvey wanted a drink. All the school’s drinks were sold by the pair vending machines standing back to back in the canteen, and there was where Harvey went.

By sheer misfortune, he recognized the back of the student he was queuing behind. The brute.

Harvey straightened up; he did not want to indicate any sign that he was resigned to being bullied.

Then he tapped the brute’s shoulder. “Hey, remember me?”

“No, should I?” came the reply.

It was the brute’s turn to purchase his drink now. Harvey did not know how to reply so he kept silent, again. Then the brute turned around to face him.

“You don’t happen to have loose change to spare, do you?” The brute broke into a sheepish grin.

Harvey was caught off guard once more by this sudden veneer of friendliness.

“Are you kidding me?” Harvey thought.

But being a nice person, he spared the brute a couple of cents.

Just before the brute walked off, he turned back, grabbed Harvey’s arm and asked, “What’s your name, dude?”


“Harvey? Cool, bro. I’m Gregor.”

Then he walked off.

Gregor (Harvey Part 4)

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