Arnold the Bee

Arnold was brave. He was always the first to leave the hive to brave the great outdoors. He returned later than the norm, and his comrades would look forward to the marvelous stories of the day that he would share with them at night. Arnold was also a bee.

One fateful evening, Arnold was wandering around a residential. It was an uneventful day for Arnold so far. He felt disappointed; he had to lie to his comrades with a made-up story once again. That day he just was not up to it. The truth was, he was not a brave bee. He was simply a great story teller- and as all great storytellers- he had a writer’s block that day.

He tried to come up with a story that would impress his comrades, yet satisfy his own personal ambitiousness, but to no avail.

It was then, he spotted the light.

He buzzed towards it. (Bees buzz, don’t they?)

The light was an open window, and it led to a bathroom. Arnold sensed running water in it. He hated running water, it made his wings heavy.

He buzzed onto the windowsill and waited. He was careful not to make a sound. Wait. The bee may not have buzzed after all. He… crept, I suppose? I’m not sure what words are used to describe bees.

But anyway, that bathroom was soon to be a battlefield between Arnold and the young boy within. As soon as the boy got out of the shower, Arnold began his mischief. While hiding behind a curtain, Arnold buzzed his wings like he never buzzed before. This gave the poor boy a huge fright. The boy was afraid of fireworks, and to him, that’s what Arnold sounded like.

Arnold giggled with glee- or however it is that glee manifests on bees- then proceeded to phase two.

An ancient phrase from Sun Tzu’s Art of War handbook proposes that “After the artillery has boomed, send in the cavalry,” so Arnold did exactly that.

Arnold was a huge bee. And despite the boy being several times larger, Arnold scared the bejeebers out of him. Arnold flew around in circles, and the boy literally slid and collapsed on the floor.

Satisfied, Arnold finally flew out and cackled to himself.

“What a story this will be,” he buzzed.

Arnold the Bee

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