My first date…?

A few years back, I recall myself agreeing to go out with a complete stranger. I did not think it was a foolish decision then, nor do I now. I am convinced that he is just an ordinary person like myself, and I have reliable sources. Unless, he created an entire network of social media to fake an identity. If he did go to that extent, then I suspect he’s a secret agent of some sort and I would go out with him anyway. I may be like some sort of new potential that he’s looking to recruit.

Anyway, we did go out to Bugis, a city in the middle-to-higher end of Singapore.  Back then I wasn’t an adventurous kid, and I didn’t have friends or family who I could go out with. Thus it was the first time I had been to Bugis. (Yeah that stranger stole my virgin Bugis experience!) Long story short, it was an ordinary trip, with much awkward conversation. He actually invited another dude that he also met online to join us. Wait, I didn’t mention how we met? Ok let’s pause-

We met on the Internet,  through Facebook probably. He was rather direct and persisted on keeping in touch. My senses yelled, “Stranger Danger!” but the nice part of me knew replying was polite. Also, I secretly hoped he was CIA. That came into play too. one day, after several days of acquaintance, he invited me out. I rejected him several times before finally deciding to reward his persistence. —
And that brings us to the present! Wow, that’s long. Oh by the way, he was only few years older than me. A malaysian as well. Now, play

So, CIA and me had lunch at a restaurant I’ve never been to. He insisted to pay. Then he treated me to a run on every machine in the arcade. Then Recruit #2 joined us for dinner at another restaurant I’ve never been.
And then we never met or talked again. Ho and I gots to know that he found Recruit #2 the same way he met me.
How odd, don’t you agree? In retrospect, I felt like I was being used as a ‘lunch-cum-dinner one night stand date’, sort of.
It has been at least 4 years since that incident, and this is the first time I’m recalling it. But wow, that has to be one of my weirdest experience ever.

I wonder if he’s met Recruit #281616278383 now…?

My first date…?

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