Why Video Editors Should be Shot

The problem with media nowadays is the selective broadcasting. They broadcast too many success stories and cool stuff that make us feel over-ambitious and envious. Just flip open today’s paper and count the number of students, athletes, entrepreneurs and artists that have made it big. Now try to find a failure story. Someone who lost his business due to a stroke of bad luck, or a chef who got bankrupt, or a student who failed his exams yet again, despite studying for months and months. Did you find any?

Heck, you can even scroll through Facebook. A good portion of my Facebook is my friends sharing videos captioned: “WOW!”, “Amazing talent!” or “Sick moves, bro!”. Nobody shares the videos captioned: ‘”HAHA FAIL!!” Where are the “Epic Fail Compilation” videos? I think we need more of those. The last video I watched is about a girl who dances while longboard-ing. I must admit, the girl is sweet and very talented. I watched the video to the end and I go, “Wow, I want to learn how to do that. It looks easy.” But the truth is, behind the scenes, the poor girl probably fell down a gazillion times to perfect her talent and has a huge bruise somewhere, bless her.

It’s no secret that behind all great videos, there is an even greater video editor. But these people deserve to be shot down. They are the reason why the children nowadays all want to perform silly stunts and pranks that they learnt online without knowing the dangers, risks and consequences. If the video editor would to compile a collage of the girl falling over before she finally lands on the longboard, I’m pretty sure I would not call longboard-ing cool anymore and I won’t want to waste a few hundred precious bucks just to put my life at risk.

Now get me my gun. I’m going to Brazil to find that girl and shoot her video editor down. Then maybe I’ll ask her out. Unless she edits her own videos. I haven’t thought of that…

Just joking. Guns are banned in Malaysia.

PS: If anyone is kind enough to donate me a longboard, I would kindly accept 🙂

PPS: I’m such a hypocrite.

Oh, and here’s the link to the Facebook video, if you’re interested. She actually falls at the very beginning, but I don’t think its enough. There should be blood and a bone sticking out and… and I should probably go get myself checked…

Why Video Editors Should be Shot

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