The Best Movies never obey Physics

I haven’t watched a movie in quite some time. The last one I watched was three months ago and I watched ‘Interstellar’. All I could say about that movie is “Brilliant, Christopher, you’ve made a movie that left me cynical to watch another movie ever again.” Now, this is not directing hate to Chris, but I really don’t see the point to movies like those. It may be a blockbuster but I think it shouldn’t have been one. It’s too sciencey and not really appropriate for everyone.

I much prefer watching cartoons. My reason is because cartoons are unrealistic. The heroes never die, the boy always gets the girl, and the villain always repents. There’s never a sad moment! I would say that cartoons are on the other end of the spectrum as opposed to Interstellar in terms of its reality factor.

Now, right smack in the middle of the spectrum, lies everything else, including Bollywood, action, romance etc. They are half realistic, and the other half not. Take movies such as Fast & Furious, where the cars do not obey the laws of gravity. The fly, they drift, they spin and do everything a car shouldn’t, just so the audience are pleased. The bullets never pierce Dominic’s car windows and the villains never thought about flanking or any other strategies etc. The villains in one of the movie in the series are in fact, the police. And I’m impressed that the police entry exam’s bar is set so low that basic tactical lessons weren’t given.
However, given all the criticism, I enjoyed watching F&F. Why? Because it served it’s purpose. It gave me a moment of escapism, to enter a world where cars can drive without friction and humans are so buff that they become bulletproof.

I may not have the qualifications to become a movie producer, but here are my two cents. I think a movie that simply has 90 minutes of action would sell terrifically. The budget would be mediocre too. Just hire several thugs and a fight choreographer, then buy a green screen and a computer. I have been looking for such a movie and so far the best action movie I’ve found is The A-team. Lots of explosions. And the girl is rather pretty. Sex appeal always sells.

Now, this post was originally titled ‘Movie Producers Should be Sent Back to School’ but it didn’t quite ‘umbrella’ the contents. It does, however, answer to the maker of this Bollywood movie who’ve obviously never heard of friction, gravity, and probably thinks Isaac Newton is a 90’s pop star. This is a clip.
The caption translates to “Don’t you dare to mess with the police of India.”

The Best Movies never obey Physics

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