Why is ‘Completionist’ Not a Word Yet?

Ugh. Frustrated. I have been reading other people’s blogs for the past… four hours? (I completely lost track of time. What is time? Can it be eaten?) Anyway, I have been reading… until this hopeless piece of technology in which my fingers are interacting with decides that it could take no more and *flings imaginary hands into air* gives up.

The really frustrating issue is… I had so many tabs open. And I don’t have any methods of recovery. (I disabled the history function due to privacy paranoia issues.) I wasn’t even close to halfway through my first open tab, which happens to be Still Life with Grad Student . It’s a pretty decent read, if you’re the self-implosive, life-hating, profanities-loving type. (Which I embarassedly am) (embarassedly isn’t a word?!)

That brings me to question my habit. I’m always opening too many tabs that I will never read. I blame it on my ‘completionist’ mindset. (there, I created another word) Let me define it: Completionist: A person who feels a compulsive need to complete whatever task one is engaged in, such as watching a youtube video to the end, no matter how boring, or feeling the need to play a game to the end, in which all achievements are… um.. achieved.

That said, I am not an extreme completionist. I do sometimes give up on youtube videos. However, I still feel the pain of abandoning things when I do. I swear the creators of Pokemon are out to get me. I mean, who can possibly catch every single Pokemon in every single version and train them all to level 100?

But back to context, now I feel a huge looming and crushing curiosity over myself, simply due to the fact that I will never have the chance to read all those blogs’ contents I had in those open tabs. (Unless of course, I go through the agonizing torture of retracing my steps.)

Are you a completionist too? I can’t be the only one right?

That said, I wonder why the word completionist still has a red wavy line below it. I just consulted my lovely friend Google and he replied that there were 1.26 million results for it.

(I used ‘That said’ twice. I know. It’s staring at me in the face. I’m deeply ashamed.)

Why is ‘Completionist’ Not a Word Yet?

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