#Writing101 I Don’t Have A Marriage Song Yet

Today’s Prompt: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?

This is going to be difficult. Did I say difficult? I mean outrageous! Nobody finds three songs that mean something important to them after only nineteen years of living! It’s impossible! You need to be married and something. Married people have that ‘the song they played at our marriage’ song. That’s one down for the married people!  Nevertheless, I’ll try.

Well, this first song have been replaying for the most part of my life. Here are snippets of the lyrics, see if you can guess them:

“I wanna be the very best,
Like no one ever was,”
“It’s you and me,
It’s my destiny,
Oh you’re my best friend,
In a World we must defend.”
“You teach me and I’ll teach you”


What do they mean to me?

Well, it taught me decent English amongst other stuff, I guess. Wait, I realized I’m talking about the show, instead of the song. (Yes, this is the theme song of Pokemon, if you haven’t already guessed.) To me, the show and the song is one, so I’ll just talk about them as a whole. The entire Pokemon craze I was in probably sparked my creativity and interest, I suppose. Looking back at good old nostalgic times, playing, watching and reading Pokemon probably build a foundation for English too. (Although, I supplemented it with copious amounts of library books, of course.)

But alas, all things must come and go. I am now out of the Pokemon craze. It is simply evolving too rapidly for me to continue to keep track. I started when there were only 151 Pokemon. I’m amazed that somehow I could remember them all back then. There are 718 Pokemon now, at the time of writing. Sorry, Pokemon, even that’s too much for me to handle. Thank you for all the nice memories though.

I had to think really hard before coming up with this second song. I’m not exactly sure if it is the most important song in my life. But, it was the one that came to mind, so I’ll choose it. (Oh by the way, there isn’t an order is there? Like most important, second-most …?)

This song here, is Violet Hill by Coldplay. It’s a nostalgic-sounding song with a story. Here are my favorite part of the lyrics of the song:

“I took my love down to Violet Hill
There we sat in snow
All that time she was silent still
So if you love me
won’t you let me know?”

It’s actually a protest song. But if you narrow it down to these few lines, the context simply vanishes. This song  part of this song just hits me in the feels. It’s pretty straightforward, do I need to explain it? (hint hint: she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not)

(On a side note, Violet Hill is a very unique song title. Perhaps we should not lose faith in Originality yet!)

Third and final song! (I really came up blank with this one. But I hope I don’t disappoint)

This is Warriors by Imagine Dragons.

There are no particular lyrics that I like about this song. But it has an “oomph, we’re in war!” beat and rhythm to it, which, might I add, was of great help to me, particularly in keeping me awake, when I was studying for my GCE ‘A’ Levels last year. I kept the song on repeat and I played it on and on from morning until evening to when it was time to sleep at night and I used it for a week or so.

Initially, I simply liked the song, but I had no idea why, but I shared this song with my friend who said,” It sounds like a warsong. Maybe it’s keeping you awake, to fight against the looming A levels!” It sounds ridiculous, but I think there’s some truth to it, and now I owe my friend some credit, aw shucks.

(I later learnt Warriors is the theme song for a game, League of Legends. So out of my three most important songs, two are from games – I’m such a geek.)

Pokemon Theme Song by Barack Obama (I’m not kidding. Watching is believing.)

Violet Hill by Coldplay (The lyrics I mentioned are right at the end.)

Warriors by Imagine Dragons

#Writing101 I Don’t Have A Marriage Song Yet

7 thoughts on “#Writing101 I Don’t Have A Marriage Song Yet

  1. Great choices 🙂 I love the Coldplay song especially. Your English is very good, what’s your first language? And yes, I found this one very tough – if it makes you feel better, I didn’t even choose my wedding song as one of the three, ha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. TK says:

    Loved the Pokemon bit! Years after the craze ended, I still remember the lyrics both in English and my native Arabic. Crazy how things can stay with us for so long.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I just read this post, and I used to love the Pokemon song as well! I am probably not that familiar with the other two songs because as far as English pop goes, I only listen to the chart-toppers, and it is not because I like them. My office plays the local radio every day and it is impossible not to know Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”. And I realized you had your ‘A’ levels last year… I took it in 2013, if that reveals my age… haha. Your school? Just curious.


    1. Yay, Pokémon always brings people together! On a side note, truth be told, I ignored everyone’s post about their 3 songs because it’s impossible to find something we’re familiar with or to relate to.
      I hail from Anderson JC. Were you from Raffles? Or where were you from? And hi, senior! I’m not making you feel old, am I? *grins mischievously*


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