Red’s Revenge

Have you ever imagined what happened after fairy tales end?

The blood-curdling howl rang through the night. There was no mistaking it; the werewolves were back.

Back at the precinct, Detective Ryan was hunched over the file of the most recent incident. Animal attack, they have cleverly named it. Anyone with common sense would know it is just a disguise. His face was black as thunder. It has been decades since the last werewolf attack… Why did they start again? And more troubling, how was he going to handle it?

He was mulling over his terrible luck of having the incident happen during his office term when he heard a knock on the door. Without looking up, he called with authority, “Come in.” But no one did.

Ryan waited for a moment longer before he got out of the seat to personally open the door to his office. There was no one behind it, which surprised Detective Ryan, but there was a card on the floor. A movement at the edge of his vision caught his attention. He turned to look, and saw the hem of a cloak disappearing around the corner of the end of the corridor. It was a red cloak.

How odd, Ryan thought, who wears cloaks anymore? And he bent down to pick up the card. It was a calling card.

Red’s Revenge.
Expert Wolf Hunter

That was all it said.

Is it too vague? Or did you already guess which fairy tale inspired this? ( Hint hint: The Big Bad Wolf is back in town. )

Red’s Revenge

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