#Writing101 The Burger Man

Today’s Prompt: Who’s the most interesting person (or people) you’ve met this year?


What on earth am I supposed to write about? This is a ridiculous topic! Even more ridiculous than the music one! The year has barely begun; it’s only April for god’s sake! And I haven’t left the confines of my home since December so the number of people I’ve met is literally zero. I am not exaggerating.


Today’s twist: Turn your post into a character study.


And what on earth is a character study!?

Anyway, I just had a thought on how to answer the prompt. (I actually had two thoughts. My initial plan was to write about meeting myself, but that would come across as obnoxious and self-absorbed, so I chose plan B.)

The most interesting person I met this year is this malay bloke who sold burgers to me.

As I placed my order, I told him I wanted ketchup instead of chilli.

And he asked back, thick or dilute?

And five minutes later, I sunk my teeth into, questionably, the best burger in the world

Credits: khirulazmil.blogspot.com
feast your eyes on this baby


Character Study:

A person who makes burgers for a living can either be A) very committed or B) stuck with a dead end job. I’d like to go with option A. His commitment to burger-selling is most probably attributed to his childhood, where he experienced a traumatizing incident whereby a burger probably saved his life. This could happen in a number of ways: I like to imagine that burgers came to life and played with him at night and kept him company. If you find my thesis nonsense, then feel free to go with option B instead.

How’s that for a character study?

#Writing101 The Burger Man

15 thoughts on “#Writing101 The Burger Man

  1. @ Your response to the prompt: My sentiments! It is barely three months into the year… and I face a similar issue. I have been largely confined to either work venue or home. I ended up writing an encounter last December, so I technically cheated a little bit. Also, I had no idea what character study meant so I dropped it altogether. And YES, I ALSO THOUGHT OF WRITING ABOUT MYSELF. I guess we share a lot of similarities. It makes me wonder if it is the education system we went through… haha.

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      1. My cat went missing a year ago in October. (about 1 1/2 years ago). It broke my heart. I wrote my assignment about her. My little dog really didn’t like her and would growl at her. My big dog got along fine with her. He passed away one year ago in March.


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