What to wear? What to wear? Those three words were the only thoughts running through her mind that morning as she dissected her wardrobe to sift through all the clothes she owned.

Everything she owned was either too dull (so her parents wouldn’t scream when she wore them to go out) or too cutesy (to impress her lovely girlfriends.) She had absolutely nothing to wear for her first day on the job.

If she spent one more second trying out outfits, she was going to be on the very dangerous verge of being late on the first day of work. And from past experiences, being late always messed her up. She would forget something important that made her turn around, wasting even more time. Or she would become extremely embarrassed when she finally arrived and be at a loss for words. No, she definitely didn’t want that to happen. What if there’s a cute boy there?!

Already starting to imagine flirty conversations with a cute colleague, she hurriedly dressed and began her journey.

Commuting always made Ruby think ridiculous thoughts. This is what she was thinking: Ugh, I hope I dressed well. Dressed? I’m not even wearing a dress. English is so weird. Technically, I’m shirted and shorted. Shorted? Or ‘shorts-ed’? But that would be too difficult to pronounce. We could shorten it to s&s, I guess. I hope I s&s-ed well…
(At this point, as the writer, I confused myself, so instead let’s move on.)
Moments later, she got off the bus, and made her way to the coffee shop, which was on the opposite side of the road. A boy was outside the shop, handing out flyers. And my, my, he looked cute. But the sun was high in the sky, bearing down on her with the force of fifty spotlights, the road was wide, and she was due for new spectacle lenses. So, she squinted a little harder in the direction of the boy, which narrowed her scope of vision, which is never a good idea while crossing the road….


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