My Imagination Getting the Best of Me

A beautiful, bright and sunny morning… No, why should I lie to myself- The morning was atrocious. The sunlight was blinding and I could feel the sweat plastering my hair to my forehead and neck. I was also fairly certain convinced that I had chosen the wrong shirt to wear, and everyone could see the butterfly outline on my back that my sweat had imprinted on me. Did I also mention the morning was hot? Well, I want to emphasize it again. With this sweltering heat, hell would seem like Antarctica in comparison.

Worst part of it all, was that all the sweating was done in a car, with the air conditioning at full blast. Hell, I told you, hell would seem like Antarctica in comparison. I hope the sweat on the car seat would not create an odor. Come to think of it.. odor is caused by germs, which are killed by heat; the germs would never survive the hot sun. Guess there is an upside to living in hell after all, eh?


Moments later, I was in Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, ordering a LARGE BLACK FOREST ICE-BLEND. I don’t even know what it is. I just wanted something LARGE and ICED.

After I placed my order, I sat alone on an overstuffed piece of upholstery, praising the wonderful air-conditioning of the shop. I felt at ease, but mentally, my mind was stressed.

cue: long chain of uninterrupted thoughts

I definitely had to get someone to service my car’s air-conditioning. I wonder if they could clean the seats too. And while at that, must they clean every seat or could they clean just the driver seat? I hardly have passengers anyway… Oh, wait I do. I picked-up my sweaty basketball mates once.

Gosh, the back seat must be crawling with germs!!! Funny how I didn’t smell anything.

Is the sun still hot? *glances out the window* Yep, it’s still hot.

Shiiiit, I parked under the shade. That means the sun would not kill the germs at all. The germs are laughing at me now.

*malicious giggling* Frederick! *more malicious laughter* Frederick! It sounds so real! I’m losing my mind!!


Oh wait, it’s just the barista telling me that my ice-blend is ready.

There weren’t any adverbs, were there?

My Imagination Getting the Best of Me

18 thoughts on “My Imagination Getting the Best of Me

  1. Hahahaha! You are so funny! I love reading your posts. Fredtotherick, you are going to have a lot of followers – give it time. I’m glad you are taking the Writing 101 class because you will meet a lot of people. Another good way to meet people is taking part in the various challenges – you would get lots of followers that way. I can give you information about the flash fiction challenges that I know about. I know of 4 of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey PJ, you can call me Fred 😉
      I kinda have my own plans but I think I should put them on the back burner. Joining more challenges could get me better acquainted with the WordPress community. So, hit me!
      Um, figuratively.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi! I read through a few of your posts – it does seem like the adverbs are *trying* to sneak in. Keep beating them down! This piece is great, perhaps because it does so much more showing and has a lot of tactile detail.

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