Nineteen Trees and Bombastic Words

copyright – Hannah Duncan
copyright – Hannah Duncan. Sunday Photo Fiction April 12, 2015. Here is the challenge page: hosted by Joe Owens

The wayward path, I tread, tranquil and untroubled. It granted me quiescence that I had not habituated for indulgence. As a sergeant would, I reconnoitered every inch of it. Its majestic vastness had me discombobulated, as if studying an encyclopedic polyglot manuscript.

Alas, my feet are not those inured to arduous walking; they repudiated my goading to further scout my placid vicinity. But the illusion shatters as the ominous sound of approaching feet meets my ears, and I know I am living my final seconds of halcyon freedom. I am but a schlemiel and Fate has once again vetoed me my druthers, as it had in all my born days.

Word count: 110

If any of the vocabulary made it difficult to read, I apologize. I took this as an opportunity to expand my vocabulary and most of the words used above were from However, I’m not sure if they are all appropriately used.

Nineteen Trees and Bombastic Words

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