Just Not Feeling It

What do you do when you feel down?

You moan to your friends.
You put them down with your negativity
Or You put them down with insults that seems unintentional
You could hide it.
Suppress the hurt and sadness that you feel.
You become sullen in your thoughts every time your mind starts to wander
But you always reply the “Are you okay?” with “Yeah, I’m fine!”
and even a smile.
What a hypocrite.
Then you hear other people whining to you and you comfort them
While inside, you think to yourself, you don’t know the shit I’m going through.
We let the angst and sadness consume us.
We let it eat away at our confidence.
It stops us from thinking positively
It halts our personal growth
We don’t see ourselves as a person who deserves anything we get.
Then we slowly drain away
And become just a shell that starts to question why on earth are we still alive?
What are we still living for?
Just Not Feeling It

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