According to Me – Dare to Ask

According to me, being bold, brash and brazen to demand for things or to speak out, is far from being a bad thing, although it may brush off as being brusque and rude, as I have explained in my previous According to Me. I believe the benefits far far far outweigh the cons. Now I want to mention another benefit of being excessively vocal: You never lose the “You first” game.

What do I mean? Has anyone ever asked you a question and you ask them the same thing out of raw curiosity, or with intentions for diversion, conveniently forgetting to reply, until they used the ultimate and unrivaled command: You first.

You fight back with a weak and pathetic: You say first. And they throw down the penultimate game-winning trump card: But I asked first.

Yeah, that situation. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s not a very common situation, but it used to be, and it still happens from time to time, right? If you are bold enough to ask the questions first, you will never find yourself in the position where you are at the losing end of this “You first” game.

I stumbled upon this advantage when I asked my friend out of the blue: What were your results? And so she replied, and I’m utterly confident she’s about to ask me the same thing; what sane person wouldn’t? But before that, a door opened and summoned her. She had to go. Now I sit here and indulge in the knowledge that she will never know the answer to the question, and I remain a mystery to her, and she is possibly (fat hope, but a man could hope) dying of curiosity to find out more about me. (I just realized how vain I sound by writing this.) Ah, well, whatever helps me sleep at night, right?

According to Me – Dare to Ask

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