According to Me – Icebreakers

According to Me, icebreakers are a perfectly ordinary social tool. It does not earn a person the right to be accused of being nosy, or random, or of the like.

I like being vocal and I suppose I am the type of person who simply cannot bear being silent. Perhaps I am in love with the sound of my own voice. I have heard that that is an actual “thing”. Anyhow, I abhor silence. Thus, whenever the awkward silence looms upon us and readies its wings for its downward descent, I launch the icebreaking questions. Some call it out of the blue, but I really don’t see why they do. I ask generic questions like: Do you have a pet? or What’s your favorite color? or even aptly relevant questions like Feeling nervous? to the interview candidate beside me. For some reason, this earned me a propensity to be accused of being “So random” when in actuality I am merely sparking conversation with perfectly innocent icebreakers. What do you think? Am I jumping topics too quickly? Or is it perfectly justified?

You would not believe the number of times when I heard “Huh? Why so random?” from my friends or when I encountered raised eyebrows from others. Really, is there anything wrong with using these very general icebreakers to halt the march of that ghastly fiend known as ‘awkward silence’?

According to Me – Icebreakers

7 thoughts on “According to Me – Icebreakers

      1. It used to be, and maybe I’m showing my age… but I remember a time when people did exactly this. When they were others, they interacted and asked questions like this. Started conversations. Seems odd, perhaps, but it’s really a good thing. Try it with older people, see how it works. 🙂

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