Rap Poetry

(C) PinterestThey called me stupid, they called me green,
They laughed in my face, giving it a bright red sheen.
I never felt confident, I always had flaws,
I could never be perfect enough to drop everyone’s jaws.
And I swallowed all their lies, but I was a fool to do so,
So I stopped caring about them, and my life improved a thousand-fold.
Who are they to judge me? They have their own imperfections!
So starting today, I can’t care less about them and their actions!
I’ll begin showing myself more appreciation,
Because I know I’m nothing short of human perfection.
If they ever come around again and try the same trick,
I know they won’t penetrate me, I’m solid as a brick.
I have nothing to worry about, all humans are the same.
Everyone is born different, so please show some restraint.
Stop knocking and criticizing on everyone else you see,
instead try this little something that’s called L-O-V-E.

So this is part-poetry and part-rap-lyrics. Is there such thing as rap poetry?

Rap Poetry

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