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Stream of Consciousness Saturday. May 16, 2015. Hosted by LindaGHill

 Write a stream of consciousness with the prompt “stick”. Have Fun!

You stumble upon sticks when you’re trekking. And then you use them when you’re fishing. Have you done either two of those activities before?

I have been trekking before. Plenty of times. I belonged to jungle trekking clubs for a total of six years. Not exactly jungle trekking clubs, but actually more of like outdoor activity clubs. So there’s not just jungle trekking as the only activity we do. We also have kayaking, and white-water rafting sort of stuffs. There’s a decent variety of water and land activities.

But I have never fished before. I wonder why. I suppose because I assume it’s an expensive hobby, somewhat. I mean you need to buy a decent stick, decent bait, decent line, and spend an entire day just to fish. Time is money. So everything considered, fishing is a really expensive hobby.

Did you know there’s a way to measure the value of your time in terms of money? Like for example you earn three thousand per month, then you take that and divide it by hours. Let’s see.. a month has roughly thirty days. So you earn 100 per day, and each day has 24 hours, so you take a hundred divide by twenty four, which gives you roughly four dollars per hour.

This can be a helpful tip in time management, particularly for the rich people whose time is a lot of money. Let’s say you are considering whether to cook your own dinner or to go out and get take-out/take-away/pack something home. (there are so many ways to say take-out. From where I’m from, I call it da-bao, which is mandarin, but everyone here understands it.)

Anyway, cooking dinner would take an hour, then washing up after that takes another hour, so two hours in total. Meanwhile going out for takeout and coming back requires one hour, no cleaning. So if somehow you know how much cooking at home is going to cost you, let’s assume ten dollars, and going out to take away is twelve, you might say getting take-outs is more expensive. But no! Consider the one hour you just saved, that’s four dollars worth of time! Thus, take-out is actually cheaper.

Ugh, this all sounds much better in my head when I hear myself talking about it. Maybe I’ll stick to writing fiction, not financial advice.


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