If Gazebos Could

(C) Dawn M Miller. Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers (FFFAW), May 20, 2015. This photo brings you to the challenge page. Hosted by Priceless Joy.

If gazebos feel shame,
This gazebo would hang its head,
His flesh and friends were of the same;
From wood they are all made.

If gazebos could move,
This gazebo would not stand so proud,
He’d rather hide than be aloof,
Far away from the crowd.

If gazebos have hearts,
This gazebo would apologize publicly
Announcing he’d rather be torn apart
Than to live a life of hypocrisy.

If gazebos can dream,
This gazebo has other plans.
He will assemble a big team,
and start gathering his fans.

If gazebos could rebel,
This gazebo will start a riot
His pain, no one can quell,
No one can make him quiet.

But gazebos stand still,
So we don’t need to worry,
They neither speak nor feel,
So we believe they’re happy.

Word count: 130

If Gazebos Could

38 thoughts on “If Gazebos Could

  1. I’m so glad that gazebos aren’t able to suffer human emotions! The way so many of them are neglected and run down today. we’d all need to rally round and offer our support and kind words of sympathy. And yet, this gazebo has pride, and would probably want to stand on his/her own two feet. Great poem. 🙂

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    1. Yes indeed, gazebos are a vital and overlooked member of our communities!! This particular gazebo will not back down and has made a stand with his/her own two feet (or six or more pillars?) I’m glad you enjoyed my poem!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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