The Best Laid Plans

(C) MindloveMisery's Menagerie. Wordle Week 61, May 18, 2015. This photo brings you to the challenge page. Hosted by, MindloveMisery's Menagerie
(C) MindloveMisery’s Menagerie. Wordle Week 61, May 18, 2015. This photo brings you to the challenge page. Hosted by, MindloveMisery’s Menagerie

The Wordle Challenge #61 

  1. Prevalent
  2. Glib (readily fluent, often thoughtlessly, superficially, or insincerely so)
  3. Amble
  4. Choke
  5. Morass (any confusing or troublesome situation, especially one from which it is difficult to free oneself; entanglement; a marsh or bog)
  6. Cement
  7. Mesh
  8. Sonder (the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.)
  9. Aquiver
  10. Gangway (a passageway, a narrow walkway)
  11. Shrinkage
  12. Court

Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem.
The words can appear in an alternate form.
Use the words in any order that you like.

Cyrus and Ralph were in a rather sticky situation, see. Ralph just blabbered to Joanna about Cyrus’s secret birthday surprise for her. Cyrus has gone through the most elaborate blueprints, planned the most detailed schedule right down to the second and designed the most ingenious surprise for his one true love. And he loved every second of doing it, especially with an image of Joanna’s face contorted into the expression of jubilant surprise floating at the fore of his mind. Now that was all ruined.

Cyrus sighed in regret and ran his hands though his hazel brown mesh of hair, a habit that he was unconscious of. Trust Cyrus to confide his plans to the glib fool that was his best friend. Oh well, it can’t be helped now. Fools were prevalent in today’s society. It’s purely coincidental that one had ruined his grand master-plan. And he mustn’t blame him, nor can he spend any more time to mull over his morass any longer, for there was work to be done.

“I’m so sorry, Cyrus!” Ralph was drowning in sincere tears, his face aquiver with innocent sorrow, struggling to find his voice to choke out an apology.

Cyrus turned to face his best friend with warm and kind eyes. “It’s not your fault, Ralph. It’ll be fine. Anyway, I already have a backup plan.”

“Y- y- you do?” Ralph sniffled.

“Yep! You wanna help?” Cyrus grinned. “Wait. No, this whole mess is your fault, so you don’t get a choice. C’mon Ralph, let’s go to the store. I got many things to pickup.”

Ralph and Cyrus began to amble their way to the hardware store that was three blocks down the road. Ralph has stopped his crying and as such, he was back to his curious, glib and vocal self.

“So what’s your plan now, Cyrus?”

“Well, let’s see. I was thinking about using some quick-dry cement. Joanna has a way of planting her feet to the floor when she is surprised. So I’m gonna work with that.”

Ralph gasped then doubled over laughing.

“Oh my god. You’re evil.”

Cyrus smirked, then added, “We’ll lay the cement on the gangway at my garden. And I’ll also need something capable of rapid shrinkage. It has to shrink to a very small size to appear as if it vanishes in thin air. There are going to be ghosts at this party, Ralph.”

Word count: 400

The Best Laid Plans

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