Fast Food Superheroes

So I began to work in subway as a part timer. Subway is a fast food chain, if you’re unaware. So far, this is what I imagine the crew to be like:

The Sauce Expert – This guy can pour the exact amount of sauce- correct to the microgram- in the perfect shape, perfect length and right smack in the middle of where it’s supposed to be. Hands of a veteran artist. If destiny was human and could talk, it would say, “You should paint instead of dressing subs.”

The Table Whisperer- This person can transform surfaces that contain so much foodwaste and sauce and grime and muck and everything gross or disgusting into a completely new and unrecognizable, sparkling and squeaky clean tabletop.

The Popular One- Everyone bullies this person yet they still love her (usually it’s a her) and she loves everyone back as well. The patience level of a god. She’s also the prettiest or most attractive and clearly gets the most attention around here. The entire staff is willing to sacrifice their air conditioning and bathe in sweat just because she feels chilly.

The Mop Mercenary – Wields two mops/brooms/dustpans/other-cleaning-equipment-on-a-stick most of the time like permanent extensions attached to their arms. And it’s not just for show either, this person can walk up and down the aisle at a brisk-walking pace and return with a spotless path trailing behind them.

The Sink Sergeant – This man (usually a man) has hands that are each the size of a regular pizza, enabling him to grasp any dish/tray/bucket with just a single hand in an iron grip. (Some people need two hands to hold on some of the larger, heavier ones e.g. metal buckets) You never hear dishes slipping off and clashing into the sink when it’s him doing them. With his other hand, he scrubs with a vengeance- No dirt, muck or grime will be spared under his watch. His skin is severely calloused as well ( somehow despite all the exposure to detergent) and he used it to his absolute advantage- better traction for a better grip, or allowing his hand to double as a scouring pad as well. (He’s literally born with a scouring pad on his hand, it’s like he’s meant to do dishes, which is rather sad, I guess)

I wonder how the crew will really be like when I get to know them better.

Fast Food Superheroes

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