50 Things That Make Me Happy

50 things that make me happy
1) Knowing that I’m the smartest person in the room
2) Pulling off a trick successfully in front of a friend/friends
3) When I know I will have an uninterrupted afternoon all to myself
4) Completing a song mashup on FL studio
5) Getting lots of likes on a post. (A great big thank you to all my readers and likers and followers! )
6) Proving other people wrong, especially when it makes him/her realize he’s/she’s been living a lie
7) Nights where I stay fully awake until the next morning and 8) Finishing half a season of Castle/Arrow/The Flash/Awkward/Faking It/How I Met Your Mother/Big Bang Theory etc. and 9) I sleep through breakfast and lunch after that, waking up because I suddenly have cravings and 10) Getting dinner right away that satisfies those cravings then repeating 7-10
11) Having a girl/girls laugh at my original pickup lines and admitting that they’re not bad
12) Getting compliments that I’ve never heard before
13) People praising my writing
14) Understanding jokes on TV that no one else understood
15) Chopping onions without shedding a single tear
16) When I smell the aroma of fragrant cooking (normally Chinese dishes)
17) When I cuddle with a certain someone
18) When I cuddle with my bolster and snuggle in a warm blanket, just my bolster and I, in an air conditioned room.
19) When I guess something right.
20) People recognizing for my talent, if any
21) Completing some form of handiwork e.g. fixing my own bag’s broken zip, patching up a hole in my jeans etc.
22) Finishing a damn good book
23) A girl texts me first for casual reasons
24) People show up for the outings I plan
25) People making life easy for me
26) Getting along well with people that I didn’t expect to get along with well.
27) When I wake up few minutes before  my alarm sounds
28) Perfect weather when I need to go outdoors
29) When my muscle aches on the next morning after I gym
30) Getting looks and glances or even stares from strangers.
31) Make friends on the airplane
32) My food order coming quickly
33) My Instagram pictures getting many many many likes
34) Friends who understand my sarcasm and build up on my jokes
35) When things go right just the way I want it to especially after I am super chill about it when I should be worried and stressed about what to expect
36) When my username is not already taken
37) When my computer starts up fast
38) Being surrounded with people who I’m comfortable with
39) People entertaining my random and ridiculous ramblings
40) When I kill flies and mosquitos with bare hands
41) When something I toss lands right into the dustbin
42) Pleasant dreams
43) When I remember the pleasant dreams the next morning
44) When I can operate my computer with only keyboard buttons and shortcuts to surf the Web
45) When I tear A4 papers into perfect halves
46) When I see a paper aeroplane glide like it’s riding an invisible pegasus
47) When I think of alliterative clauses
48) When I recall an Internet joke to use at the right time
49) Knowing all the lyrics to my favorite song and nailing the singing perfectly 😀
50) This blog makes me happy.

There! 50 items that make me happy! Are there any that you could relate to? Writing this list was helluva fun! Feel free to try it! I also want to nominate my followers who haven’t yet done it, to do it too! See your responses soon! 😀

50 Things That Make Me Happy

10 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy

      1. Hahaha, well, I already have! 😀
        That’s why I had more fun reading yours!
        You can check out my list, I had uploaded it a couple of weeks ago. 🙂


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