This is my first attempt at vocabulary creation. Do you ever find yourself in a unique situation several times but it cannot be described with a single word? Do you feel that there should be such a word? Well, I did, and thus, I did this. This may or may not be an attempt at humor, feel free to take me lightly or seriously, however you wish 😀



The worrying feeling that you may have made an error but when you come back to correct it, you discover that it has been correct all along.

Synonyms: none. (which is why I created this word)

Other word forms:

Unreariness (noun)
Unrearily (adverb)

Example sentences:

The sense of unreariness nagged at John all day long, only to be an unnecessary cause of stress when he discovered that he did remember to shut the windows that morning.

How did I do? I always get the sense of unreariness when I blog. Like I suddenly remembered a better way to phrase something on my blog while showering, then when I login to WordPress, I discover that it has already been phrased as such 😀
The word is actually a shortened version of unreasoned worry.


13 thoughts on “Unreary

  1. Hahaha, yes I feel that too – the thing about the right phrasing you mentioned in the end!

    Ps. I might just use this word in one of my future posts. 😛


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