Ten Things I Love & Hate (About Subway)

In response to a challenge posed to me by my buddy e, (gee it rhymes) I am going to name ten things that I love and ten other that I hate. Recently, I have also gotten a simple job of serving sandwiches at Subway (a fast food chain if you are unaware). Thus, these things that I love/hate will be from this working experience.

lovehateThe Rules:

  1. Name 10 things you love and 10 things you hate.
  2. Nominate 10 other people to pose this challenge to.
  3. Notify them of the challenge.

First off,

  1. I hate being the invisible newbie, though it isn’t much better because now I finally get attention but only because I made a mistake. And I make a lot of those.
  2. Love the beat boxing drink dispenser. It pfffts to pump in the gaseous fizziness whenever a customer uses it and it does produce a sick beatboxing beat when it does. I wish customers could dispense it all day. But of course, their cups are only sixteen ounces 😦
  3. Love crushing the crab sticks to make the Seafood and Crab mix with my bare hands. It feels like I’m squashing the brains of my enemies.
  4. Hate my supervisor
  5. Love free wifi. Who doesn’t?
  6. I both love and hate the free Subway employee meal. It’s nice because FREE THINGS ARE ALWAYS NICE, but I am getting tired of it.
  7. Hate customers I meet that give the order, “All sauces please.” (they don’t actually say please. I think I have actually never heard a ‘please’ in my eight days of working so far.) Anyway, I digressed, but… WHO THE F- DOES THAT!? WHO ORDERS ALL THE SAUCES!? There are ten different dressings and sauces in total, and I’m guessing certain that them all combined tastes like… like… I have no idea, but it will just be very wet. ALSO, it’s very messy for me and to every ‘all-sauce’ person, I HATE YOU GUYS.
  8. Hate people calling the lettuce as ‘salad’ or ‘cabbage’ (wrong use of quotation marks there oops.) Lettuce is LETTUCE. It’s even printed right in your face with images displayed telling you that it is called LETTUCE.
  9. Hate other variations of the above point like referring to Jalapenos as ‘chili’ and pickles as ‘that green thing’.
  10. Hate that green capsicums have an alternative and acceptable name as ‘Green Bell Peppers’ because if they order pepper, I have to clarify if they mean ‘capsicums’ or do they want me to sprinkle ground pepper for their sandwiches.
  11. Hate mustard. I’m biased.
  12. Also hate people who pronounce mustard as ‘Moos-tard’. Like what. Do you even English?
  13. Hate people new to ordering in Subway because they take like fifteen years to understand the menu. I think Subway should consider having educational commercials once in a while.
  14. Hate huge orders. Like this story I’m going to tell: a woman walks in and orders four foot longs. I was careful not to insult her by asking having here or take away. Then all the other staff with other duties, e.g. kitchen shift or dining shift (anything but service bar shift), they had to come to the service bar and be my assistants and they all give out the vibe like I just forced more work unto them. Can they be any lazier? Shit. Don’t answer that. Of course they can.
  15. Story two: this bad-ass hiker came in with full gear and ordered 10 wraps. OMG. It was hell to make all of those. Mainly because the wraps had to be microwaved and not oven-toasted. Ovens can accommodate like eight sandwiches at a time. Microwaves, one. Sigh. It was ten times twenty seconds of the customer just eyeballing me while I attend to his order.
  16. But some customers are nice too. I love cute looking customers. Come to my subway and I’ll give you extra lettuce 😉 (Note: Offer extends to girls only)
  17. I love Sarcastic customers. They spice up my day and keep my mind active with work besides the usual multitasking, remembering veggie and sauce orders. Haven’t met one yet though.
  18. I love this one funny customer who ordered ‘onions extra giler (like crazy)’ and “pickles extra giler” and then was about to ask for “olives extra giler” but he noticed it was spilling over and he was like “tak muat? (Can’t fit?)” and I’m like *Sheepish* “Yeah….”.
  19. That one customer then proceeded to pay a twenty six Ringgit meal entirely with one Ringgit bills. His girlfriend laughed at him and it was quite a funny interaction. Gotta love anything that spices up my otherwise mundane duty.
  20. Hate customers who order their choice of meat before their choice of bread. (Oh, back to hate already? I realize I don’t have much I love about my job. Good news, I’m quitting in thirty-or-so more days.)
  21. ESPECIALLY HATE the effing packaging of the hot baking paper we put the bread on. It’s similar to a tissue box and sometimes when I pull out a piece, the subsequent piece doesn’t follow out and I have to struggle WITH GLOVES, MIND YOU, to get that next piece out.
  22. Love working whenever it’s not operating hours (like before opening or after closing) because we have this sound system and we’re free to use it and you know we turn it up loud.
  23. (There’s thirteen hates and nine loves.)

How was that? For me, I learnt that I hate my job more than I love it. Anyway, for the nominations:

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Looking forward to all your responses soon!!

PS: I took a while to respond to this challenge because I was accumulating work experience to write for content.

Ten Things I Love & Hate (About Subway)

34 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love & Hate (About Subway)

    1. I have said so many ‘enjoy your meals’ and ‘please come again’ but no one actually voices back. They do smile, so they’re certainly well-mannered, but I wish they could voice something back 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No worries Frederick, someone will. And maybe it will start a chain reaction! Keep putting those good vibes and your good manners out there. As people get used to seeing your friendly face and expecting your kind demeanor, they will start to respond to that. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. e says:

    Frederick! Hey there you creative genius living on the EDGE you! Jobs are hard to come by so Mon Congrats on the new gig! Hilarious & educational at the same time LOL!!!

    So glad you accepted the challenge!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!! But there isn’t much to celebrate with regards to the job, I’m just killing time while waiting for my undergrad course to start. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this! I thought it was slightly messy..

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I worked for Subway a while back before the menu exploded. Loved it. The manager didn’t like that the sandwich bread didn’t rise correctly to a full 12″, that was a primary complaint. They mounted a ruler so I’d get a full 6″ and toss the rest of the bread in the trash. Back then, anyway. I didn’t last too long. Not sure I’d go on record as saying I hated my boss at any job I had, especially not while I had it. Word to the wise. Nothing is confidential. I’m fortunate that I love my boss in my current job (and I’m not self employed, although I’d prefer that).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh we have that ruler thingy too!! I hardly use it though, because it’s very out of the place. I only use it when my supervisor is watching! Thanks for commenting! I am intrigued by what you meant by Nothing is confidential. Did something go wrong and information leaked out?


      1. I just mean that if one is hating one’s boss, one’s job or whatever it could put one at risk. I recently read about a lady who got a job at a daycare and then tweeted or facebooked or whatever on how much she hated kids. She got fired within a week.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh yeap, those incidents are rife. There’s one major one in Singapore revolving around Amy Cheong. But anyways, I think in this post I’m dissing more of the customers than my employers. That shouldn’t get me into trouble. (Right? doubtfully)


  3. LOL! I saw my name and my eyes crossed! They’re stuck and I can’t get them back right!! Aaaarrrgghhh! …….just kidding. Enjoyed reading your love and hate list. I think it is a good thing for your employer you’re only going to work 30 more days. Hahaha! (Cause you hate it more than you love it).

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks a lot for nominating me, Fred.

    Haha. Funny and true post. Nad, I am very well acquainted in being the invisible newbie. Makes you want to mingle, yet at the same time, makes you wanna wish that you were really invisible.

    PS _ I’m looking forward to writing the post and will do it soon.


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