With Some Imagination

Wooden solitaire set.
A wooden solitaire set. (C) Alastair Forbes. Sunday Photo Fiction, June 7, 2015. This photo brings you to the challenge page. Hosted by, Alastair Forbes.

It was intense! The most intense game where the pieces flew off the board mercilessly and unrelentingly as the various champions battled it out. As you watched, you swear it is going in the favor of one, but then you also watched as he was overthrown by a most unexpected assailant. Then as you watched further, that assailant was bested again by yet another assailant.

The audience were kept on the edge of their seats. Even the commentators were confused as they tried to predict the direction of the game, only to be at a loss for words when the tides abruptly turned, or at least, that was how he imagined it to be as he played his game of solitaire.

Word count: 121

With Some Imagination

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