But I Don’t Want A Farm!

(C) pricelessjoy. This photo brings you to the prompt page. Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers (FFFAW), June 17th, 2015. Hosted by pricelessjoy.

Horace was Telela’s second uncle which she never really liked and met only once a year and he had just passed away. But the real bomb was that he had left his entire farm for Telela’s inheritance.

What on earth is he thinking?


Today is the day that she scheduled a visit to his farm which was located very far from where she resided. She dressed to ensure as much of her skin was covered because she hated mosquitoes.


When she got there, she decided the farm was in a decent enough condition to be put up for sale. She took out her phone to phone her agent, but she was rejected by a notification: Low credit. Flustered, she drove to the nearest convenience store, just to realize a small tree has fallen over the road. The tree was no higher than her shin, and it irked her that something as thin and weak-looking as that would be such a huge obstacle for her.

If only my car could jump, or do an itsy-bitsy hop. But cars don’t jump. *sigh*

Then an idea struck her.

But horses could.

But I Don’t Want A Farm!

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