It’s Just Life

He looked forward to seeing the new girl for the closing shift. She had pretty lips which were a shade of deep pink like orchids. It was a sharp contrast against her dark skin, but he did not mind. He knew she used lip gloss too because that shade of pink never occurs naturally, but he thought they looked great nevertheless.

He parked his bike in front of the shop and looked through the full glass doors. There she was, standing behind the sandwich bar. She motioned to him to rush in. Puzzled, he did a sloppy shortcut to lock his bike and pushed open the glass doors.
“ID?” She asked loudly.
“Seventy one,” he replied.
It took his long legs less than five strides to cover the distance between them.
“What’s up?” He asked.
“I helped you punch in. It’s three.” She gestured to the clock.
He pressed a button to find out what time he clocked in.
“4 seconds early!” He raised my eyebrows, impressed.
She replied nonverbally with a very self satisfied expression.

But that was eight hours ago. Now, he is entering the same code she did eight hours ago, only this time, he is doing it to punch out. The girl left shortly after he arrived. He did not get the notice that she was reallocated to the morning shift, otherwise he would have requested to be in the morning shift too. He watched the receipt printer whine and emit electronic squeaks as it churned out his clock out ticket.

Hours worked: 8:03:25
Time punched in: 2:59:56

Those eight hours were no fun at all, he thought. Customer after customer streaming in endlessly, and not a single chance to sit. His back ached like he was fifty and everything was running low. He had run out of ways to paraphrase the words “Sorry that one is finished” and ended up giving up and reciting “Sorry that one sold out. Could you pick something else?” like a broken tape recorder. It was a horrible day. At least now he finally gets to go home.

But at the back of his mind, he secretly knew and dreaded the fact that he had to come to work the next day, and the next, and the day after that too. And probably everyday for the next few weeks too.

It’s Just Life

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