When Parents Keep Asking You to Study

You know what holidays are like, don’t you? You’ve definitely been to school, or you might even still be schooling.

Well, what does everyone in school look forward to? (Brace yourself for an overgeneralized stereotypical answer.) Everyone looks forward to the holidays! Spring break, or summer break, or winter break, or semester break, or June holidays, or whatever you call it from wherever you are from.

It’s Spring Break and dhe crowd goes wild!!

Well, I know I love my holidays. But there is a catch.

I study abroad, away from my parents in Malaysia, living on my lonely lonesome in a hostel in Singapore. Holidays carry a special meaning to me. They mean that I get to finally go home.

But home is never what I expect it to be.

Here’s what I expect it to be: Home should feel like those commercial houses near the beach that people rent out to Spring break people to party in, with unlimited wifi, unlimited food, no curfew, no lights out time. Basically, no rules. Do whatever you want.

I’m imagining a getaway like this.

It’s the least I can expect from parents who have not seen their little baby for months, isn’t it?

But noooo, here’s reality:

“Fred get off the laptop.”

“Fred, study.”

“Fred, how come I never see you open a book?”

“Fred, how come you spend the whole day in your room?”

“Fred, when I say get off your laptop, it doesn’t mean you can use your phone.”

“Fred, how about I send you to tuition classes?”

“Fred, go write an essay.”

The nagging never stops.

Frankly, it feels worse here. I rather stay put in my hostel on my lonely lonesome than come back to a hellish home. I feel that my parents has lost their understanding of the concept of ‘holiday.’ They should be sent back to school.

How about you? Were holidays always what you expected it to be? Did you spend your holidays being a complete internet potato or did you go all out with wild parties? Did you enjoy the extra face time with your parents and siblings? Or should your parents be sent back to school as well?

When Parents Keep Asking You to Study

10 thoughts on “When Parents Keep Asking You to Study

      1. Yup it is. I am thankfully enjoying a two-year gap from this nonsense before it all begins again. This is in fact the only thing enjoyable about the two years I am experiencing now… lol.


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