The Lady Before Me In The Queue

It was a hot but windy afternoon which made the air-conditioning of the shop feel ten times better. I was happy to join the end of the queue to enjoy several minutes more of man’s finest creation.

The lady before me in the queue did not seem to share my patience though: she exhaled so loudly through her nose and anxiously peeked over the shoulder of the customer before her every few seconds. She reminded me of a giant buffalo going “Harrumph!”, only with crossed arms instead of crossed eyes. (Perhaps she had crossed eyes as well, I couldn’t see through her black shades.)

When it was finally her turn, I was surprised at how courteous and professional she was. She even accepted her meal with a beaming smile. I was disappointed; I was expecting a good show.

But I got what I wanted later on. The waiter walked over barehanded and greeted her with a smile. I was not near enough to eavesdrop and I wondered what was happening because the next thing I knew, she was now shouting at the waiter.

It sounded like an accusation towards the waiter for being slow, dim-witted and incompetent. She was drawing stares from everyone else in the store now. I felt so much sympathy for the poor waiter now.

Then as quickly as it broke out, the altercation subsided. She continued with her meal and he continued with his servicing. The woman must have been having a really bad day I suppose.

The Lady Before Me In The Queue

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