A Simile Challenge

I love to read similes. Especially original similes that are well thought of. In fact, I envy the writers who thought of them. For some reason, I lack the creativity to create similiar comparisons to rival those that I encounter.
Some of the similes that I have almost used in this blog include:

Eyes as round as saucers.

Skin as pale as a sheet.

I know. So lame. I agree and I think so too. Thus, I am issuing a Simile Challenge to myself. To anyone who reads this, I challenge you to do the same!

Basically rules are I just need to write a story with as many decent and original similes I can think of. Here goes:

Well it’s a bright and sunny morning, as if the sun and the clouds has finally agreed to cooperate with each other. The clouds aligned the way they do when they are vying against celebrities for likes on Instagram. Meanwhile, here I am, connected as usual, admiring these pictures through a glass screen, instead of a glass pane, through Windows instead of the window.

Sometimes I wonder why people post these pictures online, when I can see it whenever I look through the window. I reckon we are reaching a point where our entire world can almost be lived and experienced through a mini little screen.

You can get your entire community of friends through the Web, even if you share odd interests like pizza flavored soup. All you need to do is the crawl through the Web and explore its deepest darkest recesses for your deepest darkest fetishes. Not that I would know, I’m not that kind of person. I’m as average as the man you see everyday at your favorite coffeehouse that you casually smile and wave hi to.

But I can imagine what the potential Internet could hold for people with interests as weird as Popeye’s love for spinach. As I’m typing right now, I’m sure there is someone out there scouting for a Popeye cosplay costume or spinach flavored steroids. Well we will never know, will we? The world out there is as strange as the reason behind the Kardashians’ fame, possibly stranger.

A Simile Challenge

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