I Never Understood Why Children Hate Vegetables

At my workplace, where we sell sandwiches with customizable ingredients, I get a lot of children and toddler customers who order sandwiches with absolutely no vegetables in them.

This brings to my mind the memories of various instances where I see children refusing to eat their broccolis, carrots, corns and peas.

But, ma, I hate vegetables!

Having been a child not too long ago myself, I can never understand why children hate vegetables, or at least why television commercial directors seem to have that stereotype in mind.

I absolutely loved my vegetables. My favorites were stir-fried french beans.

You will never find a need to do this to me.

On the other hand, I hated meat. I even once declared to my form teacher during class that I was a vegetarian. For some reason that I was too young to comprehend then, this sparked a huge (and totally uncalled for) show of concern for the ten-year-old me.

“Fred! You need to eat meat!”

“Fred! You’re too young to be a vegetarian!”

“Fred! Look at you! You’re so skinny! You really need meat!”

Too bad they did not ask “Fred! Do you really not eat meat at all?” because then, I would reply, “Actually I do. I just really really don’t like them that’s all.”

I Never Understood Why Children Hate Vegetables

3 thoughts on “I Never Understood Why Children Hate Vegetables

  1. I had to learn to eat certain vegetables because I had a problem with the different “textures.” It really wasn’t the vegetable itself, but the texture of the vegetable. My mom would make me put a little bit on my plate and I only had to take “one” bite. Little by little I got use to the different textures and now love vegetables. That’s funny about your teacher trying to get you to eat meat and you actually did eat meat you just didn’t like it too much.


    1. Hmm, textures! That’s something I never thought about. But now that I think about it, different vegetables do have different textures. And usually they’re crunchy, or so I think. And I love crunchy foods. Meanwhile, meats are usually chewy and fiberish which I don’t like at all.


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