Snippets From The Subway Story

Hi all! I have been compiling a(nother) list of my experiences whilst working at Subway. It’s somewhat a continuation of my first list. (List number one can be found here.) There are funny thoughts and frustrated thoughts and some others are in between. I hope I can trust all you readers to not confide with my supervisor about these things that I’m about to share. Enjoy!

  1. I especially hate it when ravenous customers order huge meals and then proceeds to demand for all the vegetables and even extra portions. Their sandwich will be exploding at the seam and almost impossible to fold. I wonder how do they even fit it into their mouth. Do they have un-hinge-able jaws?
  2. When customers address you by your name, inside, I silently go: Oh my god HE/SHE KNOWS WHO I AM. I love that (a few) customers are finally starting to addressing me with my name. A name tag isn’t there just for fun yknow. It also makes my day.
  3. When customers speak too softly, I want them to… SPEAK THE F**K UP. Are they trying to break my highest record of number of “Pardon?” I say in a row?
  4. Once, this British guy walked in and when I was about to put pickles on his sandwich, he told me this: In English we call them Gurkens but in American they call them pickles. Which is so odd because all my life, even throughout all the Sherlock and Doctor Who I watch, I have never heard of gurkens. It’s not even registered as a word! There’s a wavy red line below it! Maybe he made it up.
  5. I love that colleagues getting friendlier and ARE STARTING TO ACTUALLY NOTICE ME! I’m not the invisible rookie anymore!
  6. On the other hand, my supervisor got grumpier. Darn!
  7. Well, I hate that school holidays and the Ramadan period just began because now there are busier peak periods.
  8. One day, we got a surprise visitor in our store. His name is Felix. And Felix was extremely friendly, he buzzed around the entire shop and took a look at all the food that we kept. He kept trying to get his hands on some of the food and we had a headache having to constantly fend him off. Then, one of my supervisors, a chinese woman, let’s call her P, swooped in and grabbed him firmly. Oh, did I mention Felix was a fly? Felix the fly, yes. P swooped in, and caught him, with her bare hands. How impressive is that?
Snippets From The Subway Story

5 thoughts on “Snippets From The Subway Story

  1. It actually took me years to realise that when they mentioned “pickles” on American TV programmes, they meant, specifically, “gherkins”! I always thought “Pickles? Pickled what? Onions, cauliflower, eggs…” 🙂


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