Venus’ s Rose

Why do people love?
I haven’t been through Venus’s Garden.
But I had been the wallflower for a long time
I watched the roses bloom
But I also watched them wither.

But last year, someone came,
She sat on the wall beside me
“Look at all these pretty flowers,”
She said.
But my eyes were only on her.

Slowly, I could smell the roses.
I could appreciate their beauty
But none could compare to her.
I wanted to paint her laughter,
Capture her delicate gentleness.
I’d put her in a glass pot
Worship her like the queen rose she is.
I watered her, gave her fertiliser and care.

Then the illusion shattered.
She was someone’s else’s rose.
The scent turned sour
She had to go.

Now I sit here on this lonely wall
Why do people love?

Venus’ s Rose

13 thoughts on “Venus’ s Rose

    1. Gotta watch that. I’m a closet sucker for chick flicks. Sadly I have no idea where to watch movies for free without torrenting. I’m trying to avoid torrenting because I’m virus-phobic.

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