He Asked For Instructions

He asked for instructions and he got what he wanted, then he walked away from the couple dressed in jogging attire, where the man was carrying a water bladder. He thought they were very polite, which made sense because he had behaved rather politely too, or at least that was what he believed. He said “Thank You” twice and they smiled in reply at the first one, and voiced a jolly “No Problem” to the second. Then he hurried away.
As he hurried away, he came to a stop at the zebra crossing, where he heard the loud clangs of cymbals. The sounds connected within his mind with a vivid image that he saw yesterday of Seven Month Hungry Ghost Festival products on sale. He glanced around to find the source of the loud clangs but he noticed something else. The couple in the jogging attire were a couple feet behind him and were waiting to cross the same road too.
His brain began to whir the way it does when it is about to churn out a story and he began to overthink and overimagine.
If  the couple is right behind me, is it possible that they are heading towards the train station too? Why didn’t they offer to lead the way for me? Was I not friendly enough?
This man prided himself on his friendliness and his ability to amiably interact with anyone he wished.
The green man lighted up and the man’s feet continued to move. He wanted to look back so badly but he knew it would be rude or it will make the couple wary and he didn’t want that.
He walked a little further down the straight road, obeying the couple’s instructions when the train tracks came into sight, just as the couple has informed.
He breathed a sigh of relief. He thought the couple had played a cruel trick on him and led him the wrong way. That was probably why they did not want to lead him on a wrong trail. But now he was glad that was not the case.
As he walked further on and got closer and closer to the train tracks, he glimpsed behind him and realised the couple were still behind him!
Are they going to board the train too? Then they totally could have offered to lead the way. That would have saved me from a lot of worry.
Then he changed his train of thought.
Wait are they going to take a train to go somewhere to jog? Why couldn’t they do it here? He took a glance around to look for joggers. He saw none. But he kept his eyes on the lookout. Then a cyclist dressed in full gear passed him by. This neighbourhood seems like a percectly fine place to conduct exercise. Why don’t they do it here?
He was getting very near to the train station by now. But as his eyes followed the train tracks to the end of his vision, he realized he couldn’t see the station. He had an impulse in that moment to turn around and ask the couple which was the right direction. He turned, and the couple were still behind him. This is really odd. Now, he was right below the train tracks and he slowed his pace of walking to almost a crawl. Then he saw the train tracks disappear into a horizontal tube shaped roof. Aha! He picked up the pace again.
Then as he neared the station, an elderly lady with wrinkles adorning every inch of her skin stopped him.
She spoke in mandarin. “Is this Aljunied station?”
He replied in broken mandarin. “Ah. Aha. Yes. Aljunied station ah.”
She threw him a toothless grin and shambled off, swaying from foot to foot.
Right then he realized that he should have offered to walk or support her there. But then again, he didn’t have the fluency in mandarin to communicate that offer to her.
Ironically, right then, the couple was thinking that they just wanted to get into fresh shower to wash off all the grime from their morning jog and the young lad seemed bright enough to know his way around decently well.

He Asked For Instructions

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