He Walked Into the Train

He walked into the train. The cool air hit him like a blizzard. He hurriedly wiped off the sweat with his sleeve because the last thing he needed now was to be ill. He walked along the carriage and found a sit between two males. Content, he swung his bag to the front and relaxed his legs, allowing his butt to fall into the hard plastic chair.

At this point, most teenagers would automatically retrieve their phone from the pockets or bags. This man preferred to just sit and enjoy the comfort of the seat. To him, seats came rare and an empty one has to be fully treasured.

So he looked around and analysed his surroundings. And he caught sight of a woman. If he were to guess, she would be in her early-thirties. But it was not her age that caught his attention. It was her expression.

She was wearing the smugest, most self satisfied and self content look that a person could pull off without crossing the boundary to look snobbish or boastful. He let his eyes linger on her. She did not seem to mind. She was talking on the phone and her eyes were flittering towards the ceiling expressively, yet staring at nothing in particular as she imagined the person on the other side of the phone.

He continued to stare. He knew it was rude, but he could not help it. He cannot help but to wonder what put that gloat on her face. Was it the person on the other end of the phone? Or was it because she just earned a promotion to kill for? Or was she a gambler and she just won the lottery? Or perhaps she was just that cheery.

She has been on the phone for a pretty long time. The train has passed five stations already, yet the gloat lingers on her face, and his eyes lingered on it too.
He was still wondering about the answer that he will never get to the question that he will never ask. What was it that made her day?

Was she aware that someone was watching her? He knew of people who behaved as if the world was watching them. They ate cakes by the milligrams and did everything delicately. He thought it was ridiculous. Let the haters hate, that was his motto.

Ten stations passed, she was still on the phone. Still wearing that expression. The passengers next to her were not aware of this person bursting with jubilee standing right beside them. He wished he could get closer to eavesdrop on her conversation with her telephone stranger but no, an empty seat has to be treasured.

It has been twenty stations. Nothing changed. She was still there, he was watching her. The passengers came and go but the pair ignored their surroundings so marvellously, they were like two rhinoceri in the midst of a fly swarm during summer.

He was now completely engulfed in his own mystery. He could not stop thinking about it even if he tried. What was her secret to happiness? Well, the train arrived at his station too early and now he’ll never find out.

He Walked Into the Train

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