Another Trip to the Station

They were walking back from school. I was walking to the train station again but just happened to be behind them. Naturally, I could not help myself and eavesdropped on their conversation.

“Who is your best friend?” asked the plump one.

Confused, the leaner one did not know how to answer. I scratched my chin. Apparently the kid can already smell a trick question from afar.

Then the plump one rephrased his bizzare question. “Oh I mean your best best friend.”
Not very helpful, is that? I thought.
“Your first best friend?” He tried again.
The lean one was still unsure how to reply so he hmmmed.
“Your first friend?”
Now even I am unsure of the question.

From the left, a pack of children were giggling and bellowing laughter. A green and tall fence separated us from them and the door could only be opened from the inside.

This caught the attention of the plump kid.
“Hey!” He clung onto the fence and yelled to whoever was inside. “Hey!”
“Jackie!” A boy shouted in reply
“Hey! Wow what’s that? I want!” He was referring to the smoothie that the other kid held in his hand.
“Strawberry! You pay me two dollars and I’ll let you in.”

Chuckling to myself, I walked on, while the plump kid remained clinging onto the fence while the lean one waited beside. Even at such a young age, these kids drive a hard bargain.

Another Trip to the Station

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