It’s Their Home Too

La Familia. This story is in response to the Tale Weaver prompt hosted by July 23rd, 2015. This photo brings you to the prompt page.
La Familia. This story is in response to the Tale Weaver prompt hosted by July 23rd, 2015. This photo brings you to the prompt page.

He did not like the picture on the wall. It was too big, it was unattractive, and he did not even know whose family it was. The day he moved in, he picked up the frame and he tried to take it down. Somehow, it refused to budge. 

So he left it there. He believed the painting was haunted too. One day, he put a sheet over it and fastened it tightly. But within minutes, a strong gust of wind blew through the window and took the sheet off the painting, then out the window. He could not believe his eyes when that happened.

It seemed that the painting was somehow waterproof too. He splashed black paint all over it but all that did was stain his floor. Not a single drip of black paint remained on the painting.

He did not dare try to burn the painting in fear that something else will catch the fire and his new apartment will burn to the ground. However, he did try using a knife to scratch the painting. When he did, something freaky happened. Whatever damage he inflicted unto the painting, he felt it in his own body. There was no visible harm on the surface but he felt the excruciating pain as if there was an actual wound.

Now, it has been months since he and the painting lived in peaceful coexistence. He inserted the key and twisted the doorknob, dying for a shower and finally a rest from a hectic night of partying. When he opened the door, he saw six figures surrounding his dining table. He recognised them as the figures from the painting. Horrified, he closed the door and waited, weighing his possible options.

He finally decided that they were no more than a hallucination as a result of his intoxication. He did drink quite heavily that night. When he swung the door open again, the apartment was empty once more.

The next day, he discovered that all the cutlery from his kitchen was missing. He searched all over for them but then he saw a basket full of cutlery in the corner of the painting. The basket was his too. His next action was to call his real estate agent.

It’s Their Home Too

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