The Young Witch

Emily is a young witch who hardly has any grasp over her powers. Any surges in emotions will trigger a psychic current that causes her emotions to manifest in physical forms. When that happens, disasters usually ensue.

But tonight, Emily was hoping that does not happen. She was going to see a boy. He was charming, and has an erratic but funny sense of humor. A few days ago, he asked her out to a classy seafood restaurant.

Emily was desperately trying to straighten her unruly hair – her mother claims that it is the magic that is causing her hair to refuse to obey. In the midst of her furious battle with the auburn bush sitting on her head, the doorbell rang. Aleso was here!

Aleso has been true gentleman throughout the dinner and now they were almost finished and were waiting for their desserts. The truth was, Emily was too focused on Aleso and hardly had any appetite for her food. When the waiter placed the Mango Yoghurt Ice Cream in front of her, she could almost hear it calling it out to her. Eat meee…

But she had to wait for Aleso’s Honeydew Sago to be on the table before she could start. That was simple first date manners. And so she waited.

However, the ice cream was beginning to melt and so did her patience. What on earth is taking that goddamned waiter so long! Aleso was still talking to her and they were discussing political views but she thought that was incredibly boring and was only pretending to listen.

“Emily? Emily… everything alright?” Emily kept craning her head and looking around for the waiter. “Huh? Yes, everything is okay.”

“So I was saying, Donald Trump is…”

Emily smiled a false grin at Aleso and looked down at her dessert. Almost half of the ice cream has already melted and the dessert looked so sad right now. She could feel her stomach grumbling for food and her fury began to rise.

No! I need to control it. This cannot happen again! Not tonight!

But it was too late. The couple next table shrieked and leapt away from their table in fright. A commotion broke out in the cosy little restaurant as the waiters came scurrying over and customers whipped out their camera phones and whispered heavily.

Emily’s rage has manifested itself in the shape of an angry meal of fish. 

Original image found at The Design Work.
For the Picture it & Write prompt, July 19th, 2015. This picture brings you to the prompt page. Hosted by
The Young Witch

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